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Financial Planning

We at Absolute Financial Services believe that your circumstances will benefit from the professional services of a Financial Planner because we offer objective assistance in organising your personal financial affairs to more readily achieve your goals.

What is a financial plan?

Your financial plan will cover areas such as: 

  • Financial Statement analysis
  • Investment planning
  • Tax planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Education funding
  • Employee benefits

In essence it is a comprehensive review of your current situation and assessment of whether it is sufficient for your objectives followed up with our recommendations, periodic reviews and plan updates which all culminate in how your objectives in life can be achieved.

 This process involves six steps: 

  1. Collect and assess all relevant personal and financial information
  2. Identify financial objectives and problems
  3. Process and analysis this information
  4. Produce a financial plan making the most effective use of your resources towards achieving your objectives
  5. Implementing the plan
  6. Review and modify your plan taking into account any change in circumstances

 The six steps above are covered by four keys elements to our full financial planning service. These are: 

  • Engagement 

Completion of a fact find document, attitude to risk questionnaire and quantification of your objectives and problems. 

  • Advice 

Collating all the necessary technical information from existing product providers, assessment of your current situation against where you want to be and preparation of a detailed advice report (financial plan). 

  • Implementation 

This is putting into place any specific new solutions or products (including the assessment &/or recommendation of which companies &/or products are best suited to meet your goals) that may have been recommended in the advice stage. This also includes altering any existing arrangements that still may be suitable on a product level but wrong on an investment level. 

  • Review 

We would look to meet once a year for a face to face full review meeting with interim meetings if required. The interim meetings would be to ‘sense check’ the current portfolio against your goals to ensure they were still suitable, relevant and understood.

This would be supported by valuations on at least an annual basis (more often if required) together with monitoring of the investments with any areas of concern brought to your attention in between meetings.